Fine Jewelry Repair & Design

We specialize in repairing fine jewelry, as well as costume items. We offer on premise full service repair, including custom design, casting, remounting of diamonds & gemstones, and gemstone replacement.

  • Sizing
  • Soldering
  • Refurbishing
  • Design
  • Custom Logo Engraving

Please give us a call with your unique needs and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Repair & Specialty Services:
Our in-house jewelers include a Master Jeweler, certified in laser welding and stone setting, as well as another specializing in casting, sizing, and soldering with over 40 years experience.
- Fine Jewelry Repair
- Antique Restoration
- Jewelry Duplication
- Costume Jewelry Repair
- Eyeglass Repair
- Items that Require Soldering
- Pearl & Bead Stringing: “Add-A-Pearl” Orienta brand cultured pearls.
- Silver Restoration Services: Provided twice yearly
- Preservation Services: Have those baby shoes or other sentimental items Bronzed, Porcelainized, coated with Silver or Pewter.

Watch & Clock Services:
Most watch bands & batteries replaced in-house, as you wait. Some “high tech” watch & clock models require off-site service, done by our certified service partners in a professional & timely manner. Repair estimates are available for repairs that exceed $25.
Engraving Services:
Engraving services available on most metal and glass items. We’ll give you 20 free letters engraved on items purchased at Camelot Jewelers. Minimal charges do apply to items being engraved that were purchased elsewhere. Some of our engraving specialties include logo, computer, and inside of rings.
Added Value Complimentary Services:
- Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection done at No Charge for the convenience of our customers.
- Appraisals are done Free of charge on items purchased at Camelot Jewelers.
- Make sure to inquire about our friendly & flexible Layaway Program.
- As an added value to our customers, we also offer Free Gift Wrapping for items purchased at Camelot.